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Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell

Visio Portable Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

The website has is also available in English as well as Italian, just appears the French is the default.The website is a bit like portableapps website where you can download individual apps or the package (known as Framakey)Dia's own website is but I have not yet worked out if the versions on there are portable or not

visio portable free download


Presenting and showcasing your work on Google Drawings is simple. Personalized invitation links can be sent via e-mail or can be shared on social media. In this regard, it is also possible to outline and define the rights of access to your project, allowing you to share the work with others and get them involved with the task. Furthermore, this completely free alternative to Microsoft Visio gives you the option of creating a downloadable version of your project, in the formats .pdf, .jpg, .png and .svg. Flowcharts and diagrams (in these formats) can also be uploaded to Google Drive and subsequently edited in Google Drawings.

The Vietnamese software company Evolus are launched Pencil Project in 2008, a visualization project based on the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Thanks to this format, the GPL-licensed Microsoft Visio alternative has long been installed and used as a simple Firefox extension. However, this is no longer the case with newer versions, which are now based on the open source framework Electron (formerly Atom Shell). The developer is still providing cross-platform editions for macOS, Windows or Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) that can be downloaded free of charge through the official Pencil Projects website.


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