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At Redemption Energy, we believe that Everyone should have access to Renewable Energy, Solar, Battery, and Property Improvements.

Our customers deserve only the Best Quality and Highest Value Products and Solutions.

We leverage more than 50 years of combined experience to partner with Premium Technology Companies and Partners to fulfill that promise to you.

Best Technology

Best Service

Best Warranty

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Our Highest Valued Solar Panels Achieve Higher Efficiency Over Conventional Panels, Making Them One of the Highest Power Solar Panels Available

Higher Efficiency

 Higher Power

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Lower System Costs

Higher Efficiency Panels Produce More Power Per Square Meter Area, Reducing the Number of Panels, Balance of System Components, and Installation Labor

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Durability and Reliability

Ribbon-Less, Solder-Free Cell-to-Cell Connections Increase Reliability and Are Designed to Exceed the 25-Year Warranty

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Enhanced Shade Performance

Sub-strings Are Interconnected in Parallel, Dramatically Lowering the Shading Losses and Increasing Energy Yield

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Pure Black


Sleek, All-Black Solar Panels Enhance the Beauty of Any Home

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Solar Insure


Up to 30 Years of Transferable Extended Warranty Protection - With No Deductibles

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Build and Be Your Own Grid!

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