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We recruit, train and partner with Super Influencers (Mavens), Connectors (Lead Generators) and Salespeople (Producers) to customize and deliver Renewable Energy Solutions. 

We share profits with the entire team and give back to the communities that we serve. ​

Our Leadership Team has more than 50 years combined industry experience and more than 100,000 successfully deployed projects.


Our Programs


Everyone on the team plays an important role in achieving our vision and mission. 

We provide training, coaching and support each and every day and every step of the way. 

Which role matches you best?

Super Influencer


You enjoy learning and teaching.

You like to help people make informed decisions.

You are the person whom everyone goes to for advice.

You are active on You Tube, Social Media and you like to host Events.


Potential Earnings: 

$1,000 (15%)/project 



Lead Generator


You are a Parent seeking a respectable Prime Time earning opportunity.

You are a Student looking for an "in" on a potential career in the Energy Industry.

You are Retired and active. 

You need a "side gig" to achieve a goal, but you don't want to drive an UBER.



Potential Earnings:

$350 (5%)/project





You have probably never sold Solar before.

But you've done a great job at selling Retail Products, Wireless, Finance, Home Improvement, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Time Shares or even Real Estate. 

You seek an Apprenticeship and eventual Certification in the Energy Industry. 



Potential Earnings:

$3,500 (50%)/project


Disclaimer: There are no guarantees regarding earnings/income in the Redemption Energy opportunity. The success or failure of each consultant, like in any other business, depends upon each consultant's skills and personal effort. Earnings levels for consultants that appear on this website are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Earning/income level achievements are dependent upon the individual consultant's business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors.

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