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Winbox 3.0 Rc6 Download

Winbox 3.0 Rc6 Download

Winbox is a small utility that allows you to administer MikroTik RouterOS using a fast and simple graphical user interface. It is a native Win32 binary, but can be run on Linux and Mac OSX using Wine. All Winbox interface functions are as close as possible to Console functions .

In this article, we will show you how to download and install Winbox 3.0 Rc6, the latest release candidate version of Winbox, for MikroTik RouterOS. This version has some bug fixes and improvements over the previous versions.

Download File:

Step 1: Download Winbox 3.0 Rc6

To download Winbox 3.0 Rc6, you can either visit the official MikroTik website and go to the Software Downloads section, or use this direct link from Google Drive. The file size is about 1.5 MB and the file name is winbox-3.RC6.exe.

Step 2: Install Winbox 3.0 Rc6

To install Winbox 3.0 Rc6, you can either double-click on the downloaded file or drag it to your desktop and run it from there. You will see a window like this:

Click on the Install button and follow the instructions on the screen. You can choose the destination folder and create a shortcut on your desktop if you want. The installation process should take only a few seconds.

Step 3: Run Winbox 3.0 Rc6

To run Winbox 3.0 Rc6, you can either click on the shortcut on your desktop or go to the destination folder and double-click on the winbox.exe file. You will see a window like this:

Here you can enter the IP address or MAC address of your MikroTik router, as well as the username and password for login. You can also scan your network for MikroTik devices by clicking on the Neighbors button. Once you are connected, you will see a window like this:

Here you can access all the features and settings of your MikroTik router, such as interfaces, IP addresses, firewall rules, routing tables, wireless settings, etc.


Winbox 3.0 Rc6 is a useful tool for managing MikroTik RouterOS devices. It is easy to download, install and use, and it offers a graphical interface that is similar to the console commands. You can also use other tools such as Bandwidth Test, The Dude, or Netinstall from the same website . We hope this article helped you to download and install Winbox 3.0 Rc6 for MikroTik RouterOS.


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