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2 Gallon Zip Lock [REPACK] Freezer Bags

Keep food fresh and ready to use with Ziploc 682254 13" x 15 5/8" two gallon freezer bags! These durable, 2.4 mil bags are a great, space-saving way to protect your leftover entrees, vegetables, and more from freezer burn. Its unique interlocking zipper seal securely locks in freshness, and a convenient write-on label lets you easily identify contents and use-by dates. Plus, the self-dispensing cartons and grip strip openings make these bags easy to grab and use in your busy commercial kitchen! Not recommended for storing liquids or for microwave use.

2 gallon zip lock freezer bags

There are so many different varieties of reusable gallon sized freezer bags out there from silicone to PEVA, lay-flat to stand-up styles, single seam and double seam varieties and even different kinds of zipper close tabs.

So, to find out which ones are the best, I researched and ordered in all the different types or reusable gallon sized bags. I tested them all for strength, capacity, stains, smells, leaking and used them to make freezer meals.

Once all the bags arrived it was time to compare and figure out which reusable bag was the very best! My main comparison was that the bags needed to be just as tough as Ziploc freezer bags.

Most of the options available on are made using FDA-grade PEVA materials and feel a lot closer to traditional Ziploc gallon sized freezer bags than any other type. These bags are my favorite as they are easy to use, work great and are typically inexpensive too!

After cleaning your bags, you can hang your bags upside down to let air dry. Some people use a simple towel and try to get the bags to stand up straight to dry, but that can be a challenge. I had some freezer meal bag holders hanging around and gave them a go, they worked great! You can balance and dry two reusable bags perfectly.

Would you happen to know of any good reusable 2 gallon bags? I buy my meat in bulk and divide it into single portions using smaller bags and puttong those in bigger ones to save space so a good 2 gallon would be super helpful

When the 1-gallon poly food storage freezer bag isn't large enough these jumbo two gallon blue-tinted poly food storage freezer bags by Minigrip are perfect for helping to keep pre-portioned food at the ready either from the shelf or out of the freezer. The two zippers at the top of the bag securely lock in the freshness and moisture, while keeping the air out to help prevent freezer burn. The professional or even the home kitchen will appreciate the write-on label to help identify the contents and when it was bagged. The home kitchen will find these bags useful for freezing entire meals or mega batches of cookie dough. MiniGrip ColorZip bags are found in restaurant kitchens and bakery freezers worldwide. Preserve seafood, produce, costly cuts of beef, and any other item you need to save for cooking or baking later. The superior seal will exceed the demands of the professional and help to keep food tasting fresh and from having the smells or flavors leech into food from other items in the freezer. The textured lip above the zipper has ridges to allow for easy gripping even while wearing food handling gloves. The preprinted writable white label is a must to help keep food costs down and identify the bag's contents. The bags contain 0% pre-consumer waste recycled content, 0% post-consumer waste content, and 0% recycled content to meet the requirements of the FDA, USDA & Kosher needs. The sturdy yet convenient self-dispenser box helps keep your kitchen organized and the poly food storage bags close at hand. Look for the trademark blue/green zipper; it distinguishes the reclosable foodservice MiniGrip reclosable poly food storage bags.


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