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Where To Buy Vess Soda

Nice to see it restored and looking good. Wish you could get closer but the entire area in which it is located is in a very derelict section of downtown and there are a lot fences. I had an issue finding it and pulled over and asked a construction worker if he knew where it was. He did, noting that it was in front of a building where all the bums live and sleep. As I pulled off, he cautioned me to be careful and not get too far from my car. I heeded his warnings, got some nice photos and didn't see anything that made me push the lock button on my rental car. Go see it for sure, but remain vigilant.

where to buy vess soda

This bottle has been around for decades, even generations, but not in this location. It stood for many years at the corner of Gravois and Hampton at what used to be "the end of the car line," where the streetcar tracks from the city ended near River Des Peres. It had the green Vess bottle on one side and the orange Whistle bottle on the other. That location is now a Metro bus station.

Its current location is in the Bottle District, named not for the giant Vess bottle but for a huge number of old bottles uncovered in an excavation of what was apparently a glass bottle plant at one time. The location is near where some wanted to pour more public money into a new football stadium before the Rams took off to return to L.A. to make even more money.

This giant Vess soda bottle is about to have an entire district of St. Louis named after it...and entertainment venues are lining up to make The Bottle District a hot night spot in St. Louis.

Shares of Cott (COT) are up more than 55% so far in 2015. Cott makes private-label sodas for supermarkets and convenience stores. If you've ever had Vess or Stars and Stripes, you have Cott to thank.

Cott makes private label sodas for Walmart with names that sound suspiciously like more popular brands, such as Sam's Mountain Lightning and Dr. Thunder. More than a quarter of Cott's revenues last year came from Walmart. 041b061a72


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