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Cm 7z


7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver for compressing and uncompressing files. If you need to save some disk space or make your files more portable, this software can compress your files into an archive with a .7z extension.

I have a batch script that was working perfectly fine zipping a folder in the directory but for some reason after i made a name change , it seems to be looking for a "file" to zip and password protect, instead of a "folder" i cant find the syntax needed for it to zip the folder in the source directory

It is very uncommon, but nevertheless possible that a file name starts with one or more leading spaces or a semicolon. The default eol=; results in ignoring file names output by DIR starting with a semicolon. So it would be better to use for example eol= because of no file/folder name can contain a vertical bar. And it would be better to use delims= instead of using TOKENS=* removing all leading spaces/tabs from a line and assigning the rest of the line with spaces and tabs to specified loop variable F to avoid that files names with leading spaces are not correct processed by this batch file.

The file names are output by DIR always without " even on containing a space or one of these characters &()[]^=;!'+,` and without file path because of option /S (include subdirectories) is not used, too.

It could be that DIR does not find any file in directory C:\job\Folder matching the criteria in which case it outputs an error message to handle STDERR. This error message is suppressed by redirecting it to device NUL.

Read the Microsoft article about Using Command Redirection Operators for an explanation of 2>nul. The redirection operator > must be escaped with caret character ^ on FOR command line to be interpreted as literal character when Windows command interpreter processes this command line before executing command FOR which executes the embedded dir command line with using a separate command process started in background.

FOR with option /F ignores always empty lines which do not occur here. FOR ignores by default also lines starting with ; because of being the default end of line character which is the reason for usage of eol= because of no file name can contain at all. And FOR splits up by default a line into substrings (tokens) using normal space and horizontal tab as string delimiters and assigns just first space/tab delimited string to specified loop variable. This line splitting behavior is not wanted here in case of a file name contains one or more spaces. For that reason delims= is used to specify an empty list of delimiters which disables line splitting behavior completely and for that reason results in getting entire line (= file name with extension without path) assigned to specified loop variable.

FOR runs for each file name assigned to loop variable I the application 7-Zip to compress with default options the file specified with full qualified file name as last argument string into a password protected archive file in destination folder with name of the compressed file as archive file name and file extension appended by 7-Zip.

This single command line version designed for usage in a batch file processes just all non-hidden files in directory C:\job\Folder in comparison to above batch file which processes also files with hidden attribute set.

FOR searches in this case by itself for non-hidden files in directory C:\job\Folder and assigns the full qualified file name (file path + file name + file extension) to loop variable I and runs 7-Zip to compress this file into an archive file into directory C:\job with archive file name being the same as the name of the compressed file.

FOR assigns to loop variable I the full qualified file name of every found file in directory C:\job\Folder because of using full qualified path in wildcard pattern. FOR would assign to the loop variable just the file name with file extension on using just * instead of C:\job\Folder\* to find non-hidden files in current directory. And FOR would assign to the loop variable the file name of a found file with relative path if the wildcard pattern in round brackets is specified with a relative instead of an absolute path. Last but not list it would be also possible to specify more than one wildcard pattern each with no path or a relative path or an absolute path and FOR would process all wildcard patterns.

Open an x64 command prompt window on Windows x64 and run following two commands to better understand what FOR assigns to specified loop variable I depending on set of wildcard pattern(s):

Well, in first batch file replace /A-D (attribute NOT directory) by /AD (attribute directory) to process all subdirectories in C:\job\Folder including hidden subdirectories and either append \ to last argument of 7-Zip, or use the switch -r for a recursive compression, or even both.

And in single command line solution insert option /D between for and %%I to process all subdirectories in C:\job\Folder with exception of hidden subdirectories and modify also the 7-Zip parameters list like above.

For help on usage of 7-Zip from command line double click on its *.chm file in program files directory of 7-Zip or start GUI version of 7-Zip and open the help (same help file), select first tab Contents, double click on list item Command Line Version and read the referenced help pages.

The following pages contain links to Micro SD card images and sources. If you need support go to our wikiorforumswhere you can consult the MarsBaord community that will help you answer any questions you have.

Debian is an operating system composed of free software mostly carrying the GNU General Public License. The operating system is developed by an internet collaboration of volunteers aligned with The Debian Project. More infohere

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system (OS) based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Ubuntu is primarily designed to be used on personal computers, although a server editions does also exist. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years for Ubuntu Desktop. More infohere

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It instantly extracted the 7z Container File, but sadly it shows the GUI while extracting (unzip) it.So it's "automated", yes, but not hidden so this will interrupt the user while working on this machine.So I thought it would be a great idea to implement (in the future) a hidden extraction of a Self Extracting 7z File, activated with a console parameter.

I found LZMA SDK, thx.'ll have a look at the 7zr.exe but this also means I would have to transfer an extra file with my Software-Package instead of using the already build Self Extracting 7z File with console to extract it fully silent.But I'll check it out.

My "Feature Request" is more like using the installed 7z program to create a Self Extracting 7z Container File, which you can open with double click (GUI) but also with a silent console parameter.

We installed 7z on over 1.200 Clients.Normally I could access the installed 7z to extract my Software Package .7z file.But since we can't be 100% sure that 7z will be available on this machine we tried the Self Extracting variant / deliver the 7z.exe and 7z.dll in the Package itself and then execute it directly.So that there is no need to trust that 7z is already installed on that machine, even when we are sure it will up to 99,9% chance.

Interesting. I tested it with -o"Path" and it worked.On an internet page I found a post that you should use -InstallPath instead of -o and it worked.And since I was able to put a space in between the switch and "path" I thought it could be right to use this switch instead of -o

If this would be possible (hiding the extraction gui), we wouldn't need to deliver the 7zr.exe (or something else) to PC2. Only use the created Self-Extracting-7z file (with a console command) to being extracted (unziped) completely silent. :-)

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