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Antonio Ongarello Chitarra Jazz Tecnica Armonica Pdf 17

Antonio Ongarello Chitarra Jazz Tecnica Armonica Pdf 17

Antonio Ongarello is an Italian jazz guitarist, composer, and educator. He has written several books on jazz guitar technique and harmony, such as Chitarra jazz tecnica armonica, La chitarra ... alla Cerri, and I giri armonici della musica moderna leggera e jazz. His books are aimed at helping guitarists to master the harmonic and melodic aspects of jazz, as well as the style of famous jazz guitarists like Franco Cerri.

Chitarra jazz tecnica armonica is one of his most popular books, published by Edizioni Zanibon in 1986. It is a comprehensive guide to jazz harmony for guitar, covering topics such as intervals, chords, scales, modes, chord progressions, substitutions, voicings, and improvisation. The book contains 17 chapters, each with exercises and examples in standard notation and tablature. The book also includes a CD with audio tracks of the exercises and examples. The book is written in Italian, but it can be easily understood by anyone who knows the basics of music theory and guitar notation.


Chitarra jazz tecnica armonica is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn or improve their jazz guitar skills. It provides a solid foundation of jazz harmony and theory, as well as practical tips and tricks for playing and improvising over various chord changes. The book is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players who want to expand their musical vocabulary and creativity on the guitar.

The book can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Internet Archive, where it is available for free. However, it is recommended to buy the original book from Edizioni Zanibon or other online retailers to support the author and publisher. The book costs around 17 euros, which is a reasonable price for such a high-quality and comprehensive book on jazz guitar.

If you are interested in learning more about Antonio Ongarello and his other books on jazz guitar, you can visit his website or his YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his performances and lessons. You can also follow him on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on his latest news and projects.


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