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Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Hi, my name is Emmitt Summers and I am the Founder and President of REDEMPTION ENERGY LLC.

It is Earth Day 2021 and the next phase of our company is officially launched!

This enterprise has been more than 20 years in the making, spanning three industries and now focused on Renewable Energy.

Redemption Energy is a company that matches Earth Power with People Power to better energize the World and generate Jobs and Wealth

in the Communities that we serve.


I have 15 years of leadership experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

You can review my Linked In Profile here: (27) Emmitt Summers | LinkedIn

Through previous companies, I have created more than 5,000 jobs and deployed more than 100,000 Solar Projects.

I started Redemption Energy to focus on the Job Creation aspect of the Renewable Energy Industry; instead of the technology and construction aspects of the business.

By leveraging People Networks and my personal library of Training; I seek to create at least 1,000 new Certified and Licensed jobs just in California within the next year.

Instead of spending money on advertising (like most big companies in Solar do), we will share all profits with our team members and return a portion to the communities which we serve.

Why now?

It has never been a better time to rewire and repower the world (and life) through Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

In addition to Federal and State mandates (and incentives) for Net Zero homes and businesses, there simply is no other smarter choice in terms of power generation than Solar Energy, Battery Storage solutions and Microgrids.

If you don't have solar on your home, you are already paying for it as the local Utilities rewire The Grid around you.

This archaic Power Grid has failed us too often (Texas, Northern CA, etc.) and now poses threats to safe living and to national security.

Furthermore; all of the major Oil companies (Shell, Chevron, etc.) have announced that they are beyond the peak of Oil production and must re-engineer their archaic business models accordingly.

Why Redemption Energy?

Despite the favorable tailwinds in Renewable Energy, recent studies (i.e. EnergySage 2020 Installer Report) indicate that the Cost of adopting Renewable Energy is going UP due to two major factors:

  1. The Cost of Acquiring a Customer continues to rise.

  2. There are significant Supply Chain issues for Product and Labor Shortages on the Construction side of the business.

Redemption Energy handles these two issues head-on by doing the following:

  1. We don't waste money on Advertising like the bigger corporate companies that dominate the space.

    1. Instead, we share those revenues with our local team members and give back a portion of all proceeds to the community.

  2. We only partner with local Engineers and Installers who work with only premium Product and Technology suppliers.

    1. We fill the supply chain and job gaps with local resources.

Redemption Energy provides a Local Experience with Big Company Assurance.

What's in it for you/us?

As a Customer:

- Gain your Energy Independence and SAVE MONEY from Day 1 with NO MONEY UPFRONT. Once you pay off your Solar System (usually 3-5 years), you have secured Peace of Mind for 25+ years.

As a Team Member:

- Do well by doing good for others. Generate Wealth as either a Maven (Super Influencer), Connector (Lead Generator) or Salesperson (Producer). Annual part-time earnings average from $17K (Connectors) to $170K (Producers).

Redemption Energy will provide you training, coaching and support each and every day and every step of the way.


My mother just turned 75 this weekend. She has been and always will be my inspiration. I owe her my life and will pay her sacrifices forward. As a first generation Filipino-American; I have been blessed with unimaginable opportunity in this country and I trust that I have spread those blessings: for now and forever.

Definitions of Redemption:

- The act of being saved by an act of salvation.

- The act of redeeming or the condition of being redeemed.

- The act of exchanging something for money or goods.

- The act of correcting a past wrong.

If you'd like to connect with me directly, send me an email at

And/or join me on Linked In: (9) Emmitt Summers | LinkedIn

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