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100 Day Anniversary!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

It has been 100 days (and 15 years in the making) into this venture and I feel so proud, blessed and honored by the efforts and results from this team and our community (you).

I trust that this note finds you and your families doing well.

Thank you for your support and partnership!

Since we last connected, we have made significant progress in scaling the company and achieving our vision and mission.

Here are the latest updates:

- We have launched our initial campaign with GRIDPOINT for Commercial Energy Management Services (EMS) in San Diego

- We have booked our initial Residential Solar AND Home Improvement Orders with our local EPC network and the pipeline is building

- We have hired and trained more than 20 active Lead Generators (Mavens) on the team and growing

- Our Call Center is LIVE and online in Florida

- We are now part of the POWUR network, so we have National reach and a wider network of EPC's, product and pricing options

- We are in the process of securing a partnership with a New Home Builder to modularize Solar and Batteries on their custom homes

- We now have our own proprietary Online Marketplace via a Joint Venture with RENULOGIX

- We revamped our website and social media platforms

- We can now transact in Crypto Currency

- We are in the process of onboarding an additional Partner and Investor to the team

I have two specific Shout Outs on the team for this round/update:

- Jennie Deseo: took charge and drove initial success and momentum on the Lead Generation front

- Caye Dulce: singlehandedly built the brand and our marketing assets from zero to sixty

That's it for now.

Happy Anniversary to all of us!

The best is yet to come!

Keep sending your Leads and Utility Bills to us, your sponsor or mentor!

The Renewable Energy Industry continues to thrive and our company and community have quickly become a positive Force Multiplier in that effort.

Wishing you God's blessings and good fortune, safety and happiness as always,

- Emmitt and Team

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