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Julie is terrified of R and suspicious of his intentions. She starts trusting him after he rescues her during a failed escape attempt and finds food for her. R insists that Julie stay with him for a few days, until he deems it safe enough for her to leave. The two bond, listening to LP records and playing games to kill time, causing R to begin to come to life; his heart starts beating, and he is slowly able to communicate with more words.[10] After a few days, Julie gets restless, and tries to return home, yet attracts swarms of zombies. After fending off a group including M, who is confused by R's actions, R decides to return her to the human enclave.

Warm Bodies

Marion's debut, a less than successful attempt to surmount the inherent limitations of traditional zombie fiction, takes the premise that one of the walking dead, known only as R, has somehow retained a wide range of emotions in a postapocalyptic world where zombies hunt human prey. After eating the brain of a teenage boy, Perry Kelvin, and absorbing his memories, R rescues Kelvin's girlfriend, Julie Grigio, whom he takes to the airport, to the abandoned 747 commercial jet he calls home. A romance soon develops between the unlikely pair. Readers will struggle to figure out why R is different from his fellow zombies, while some of the living are oddly understanding and forgiving of R and his flesh-eating ways. R does possess a certain winsome charm and the upbeat ending will warm many hearts, but the great zombie-human love story has yet to be written. (May)

It's time for our 10th annual Warm Bodies Warm Souls Clothing Drive. Join us from October 17 to November 11 to collect as much warm clothing as we can for 12 different charitable institutions. Visit any participating Red Hanger, Arctic Circle or Bank of Utah location throughout the state to drop off your clothing donations. Then receive a free double cheeseburger coupon from Arctic Circle or free shirt cleaning voucher to redeem at Red Hanger!

In the movie it is love and human connection that heals, where in the book it feels more like the will to live and hope (love is by and by something to live for). Both saccharine sweet and like a nice warm hug. Both a satisfactory conclusion. 041b061a72


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